6 Eco-Friendly Practices Longboard® Employs

We at Longboard are extremely dedicated to leaving a positive environmental footprint. Our Owner and CEO, Mike Heppell, has always wanted a cleaner and healthier future for his grand children. As a company owner, he committed to creating a clean, and sustainable manufacturing facility to reduce the carbon emissions into the environment.

We have been fortunate enough to be featured on many LEED Platinum buildings, Net Zero projects and many eco-friendly facilities that are leading the way in sustainable construction. Not only 100% recyclable and maintenance free, Longboard also gives the beauty of wood while still being sustainable, responsibly sourced and fire-safe.

Here are some ways that we commit to healthier processes in our own manufacturing facility:

1) We capture rain water and use it in our 5-step pretreatment process

2) Our water filtration system ensures any water that goes back into the environment is clean and free from any chemicals

3) Our scrap is cut down and melted back into logs of aluminum that can be extruded again and again, essentially creating zero waste

4) Our facility uses chrome-free processes ensuring our products are free from any harsh chemicals and is safe to use in indoor spaces

5)Our office space is filled with biophilic design ensuring clean air and fresh oxygen

6) Over 55% of the world’s aluminum is produced using renewable, CO2 Free hydroelectric power. We source our aluminum from one of the major companies with access to large hydro-power capacity, U.S.-based Alcoa (AA.N).

We are continually innovating and improving our processes to make sure we as a company are responsible with our manufacturing processes. Our earth needs our help, and we are all in this together!


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