Tongue & Groove Planks for Soffit

Made of 100% extruded architectural aluminum, the Longboard Tongue & Groove cladding system is built to provide a simply stunning solution for both siding and soffit. Easy to install, non-combustible, and weather resistant, this system complements any exterior building design. Various plank dimensions and designs are available to choose from and there are also optional perforation solutions for vented applications.

Installed using the supplied Longboard Quick Screen Clips, T&G soffit applications can be installed parallel or perpendicular to the buildings overhang and can also be installed onto furring strips or other framing systems where required. This system requires additional component pieces at terminations and penetrations to allow for expansion and contraction. Manufactured in 12ft or 24 foot lengths they are easily fabricated whether in a pre-fab facility or in the field to suit your project’s conditions.


New Woodgrain Finishes - Samples Available Now


Solid Colors


Naturally Aged Metals

Your screen, and our pictures do not accurately reflect aspects of our finishes – textures, shine, woodgrain hues, etc. Always order for a sample before purchase!

Lead times vary according to Finish and Square Footage (Sqft). Contact us to discuss your project goals and time lines.

Longboard® is Innovative Sustainable Quality Visually Stunning

Ease of Install

Our thorough and detailed installation guides offer simple to follow steps to increase efficiency and reduce time on the job site.

The sample images below are illustrative of some of the steps outlined in our documentation.


We offer perforation options to offer designers freedom in achieving their desired look while also delivering practical uses.

These products meet the same quality and environmental benchmarks of our other products, including being VOC free, LBC red list free, 100% recyclable, and offering up to LR.73 light reflectance.

Technical Specifications

Code Compliance

  • ICC ESR 4182
  • LADBS – Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety


  • ASTM E136 – Behavior of Materials in a Vertical Tube Furnace 
  • CAN/ULC S114 (CANADA) – Non-Combustibility (weight loss) 
  • EN 13501 (UK/EU) – Combustibility Classification
  • EN ISO 1716 (UK/EU) – Heat of combustion (calorific loss)

Flame Spread & Smoke Development

  • ASTM E84 – Flame Spread & Smoke Development 
  • ASTM E2768 – Flame Spread & Smoke Development
  • UL 723 (USA) – Flame Spread & Smoke Development
  • CAN/ULC S102 (CANADA) – Flame Spread & Smoke Development 
  • EN 13823 (UK/EU) – SBI (single burning item) wall assembly test (cladding, air gap & sheathing) 

Wind Load

  • TAS 202 – Wind load – uniform static pressure
  • TAS 203 – Wind load – cyclic pressure


  • TAS 201 – Impact Test 

Light Reflectance

  • ASTM E1477 – LRV (light reflectance value) 


  • ASTM E8 – Tensile Strength Properties 


  • LEED – Evaluates a building’s environmental performance
  • EPD – Life-cycle environmental impact of products 

All Longboard systems are available using our Longboard ECO™ line of sustainable aluminum materials. Longboard ECO™ products are made from minimum 50% recycled aluminum and possess verified life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) and product-specific environmental product declarations (EPD).

Product Components

V-Groove Planks

Dimensions12’ *24’ ‡12’ Perf *24’ Perf ‡

Smooth Planks

Dimensions12’ *24’ ‡12’ Perf *24’ Perf ‡

Channel Planks

Dimensions12’ *24’ ‡


Quick Screen Clips1750, boxCLIP.N1750
Quick Screen Clips100, bagCLIP.N100
Touch Up Pens
(Reach out to confirm color with account manager)
2½" V-Groove
4" V-Groove
6" V-Groove
6" Channel
6" Smooth Plank
2½" Perforated V-Groove
6" Perforated V-Groove
Quick Screen Clip
Quick Screen Clip
Touch Up Pens
Touch Up Pens

Component Trims

StarterPrecisionStarter J-Track(5/8”) - 12’1SJT.145
StarterTraditionalStarter Strip(1-7/8”) - 12’2SS.145
J-TrackPrecisionTwo Piece J-Track(5/8”) - 12’1X1JT.145
J-TrackPrecisionJ-Track(5/8”) - 12’1JT.145
J-TrackTraditionalTwo Piece J-Track(1-3/8”) - 12’1X2JT.145
J-TrackCraftsmanTwo Piece J-Track(7/8”) - 12’JT23S.145
CornerPrecisionOutside Corner(3/16”) - 12’05OC.145
CornerTraditionalCorner Set(2”) - 12’2CORS.145
CornerCraftsmanInside Corner(3/4”) - 12’1IC.145
CornerCraftsmanOutside Corner(1”) - 12’1OC.145


RevealPrecisionFlat Reveal(1/2”) - 12’1FR.145
RevealPrecisionT&G Flat Reveal(1/2”) - 24’1TGFR.289
RevealTraditionalU-Reveal Set(1-1/2”) - 12’2URS.145
RevealTraditionalFlat Reveal Set(1-1/2”) - 12’ 2FRS.145
RevealTraditionalT&G U-Reveal(1 1/2”) - 24’2TGURK.289
RevealCraftsmanU-Reveal Set(3/4”) - 12’1URS.145
RevealCraftsmanT&G U-Reveal (3/4) - 24’1TGURK.289
TerminationPrecisionTermination Set (5/8”) - 12’1TS.145
TerminationTraditionalTermination Set (1-3/8”) - 12’2TS.145
TerminationCraftsmanTermination Set (7/8”) - 12’TS.145
TraditionalCompression Joint(1-3/8”) - 24’2CJ.289
Precision Starter J-Track
Traditional Starter Strip
Traditional Back-to-Back Starter Strip
Precision 2 Piece J-Track
Precision J-Track
Craftsman 2 Piece J-Track
Traditional 2 Piece J-Track
Precision Outside Corner
Craftsman Inside Corner
Craftsman Outside Corner
Traditional Corner Set
Precision Flat Reveal
Precision T&G Flat Reveal
Craftsman T&G U-Reveal
Craftsman U-Reveal Set
Traditional U-Reveal Set
Traditional Flat Reveal Set
Traditional T&G U-Reveal
Traditional Offset Flat Reveal Set, J-Track Base
Traditional Offset Flat Reveal Set, Termination Base
Precision Termination Set
Craftsman Termination Set
Traditional Termination Set
Traditional Compression Joint


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