Open-joint soffit is a rainscreen solution that consists of cladding beams, fins or planks that get installed with wider gaps between each member, creating a fresh aesthetic that is currently trending and being used by architects and designers to create unique building facades. These type of cladding solutions allow for the addition of texture and depth to walls.

In contrast with closed joint cladding the WRB (Weather Resistant Barrier) is exposed and more susceptible to damage from UV light, wind and debris. It is therefore critical that a durable UV stable WRB is selected and used when constructing open joint cladding wall assemblies. The open joints allow for ample water drainage and rear ventilation making these feasible rain screens and reliable cladding solutions.

Exterior Solutions

All of our exterior products and systems are powder coated with AAMA 2604/2605 certified powder. This means that you are ensured to have high quality material that will hold up against the exterior elements, including corrosion and UV rays. All Longboard materials are created in-house, starting from the aluminum extrusion and ending with the finishing touches, packaging and shipping to site. Explore our different systems and contact us with any questions you have.

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