We strive to Inspire and believe in the power of Inspiring Architecture. Inspiring Architecture is a powerful transforming energy force that positively impacts the people and the communities that live and engage with the built environment. We help make the world a better place when Longboard products are chosen to enhance inspiring design and a sustainable future.

Architects have the honor and privilege to inspire but also the challenging responsibility to marry overall design intent with the ever-evolving building code and performance standards. Architecture is both art and science, complexly intertwined with psychology, sociology, economics, politics and more. Longboard understands this challenge and therefore makes it an appealing choice because it provides architects with solutions that give them design flexibility while also addressing code compliance and building performance requirements.

Creative Solutions

Longboard is dedicated to finding creative and innovative solutions to accommodate your unparalleled designs. We combine the beauty of wood and specialty building product finishes with the durability and longevity of extruded aluminum.

With industry-dominating lead times, commitment to radical client care, and ever-evolving product lines, we are devoted to finding the solution(s)that match your needs. If we don’t have a standard offering that works for you, let’s work together to create

Longboard® is Innovative Sustainable Quality Visually Stunning

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