Our products are made of high quality aluminum and are a perfect fit for sustainable open joint interior wall systems.

Open-joint walls consist of beams, fins or planks that get installed with wider gaps between each member, creating a fresh aesthetic that is currently trending and being used by architects and designers to create unique wall designs. These type of walls allow for the addition of texture and depth that can also be used in conjunction with acoustical materials to create effective acoustical treatment solutions.

Interior Design & Environments

The concept of environmental sustainability in interior design refers to the integrated use of systems and materials (for example into healthy buildings that are inhabited), minimizing negative effects on the environment and its occupants and maximizing positive impacts on health, economics and society.

A well-designed environment can achieve a variety of functions, including: enhancing community and identity; creating a sense of community; and facilitating communication of important information.

NRC Acoustical testing

Typical testing measuring a products sound absorption qualities.


Assigned document for compliance of code approvals and testing certifications.

Flame spread

Products are tested to meet or exceed ASTM E2768-11 and achieve class 1 fire ratings.


Products are tested to meet or exceed CAN/ULC S114 / ASTM E136 non-combustibility standards.

EK/EU Fire rating

Products are tested to meet or exceed EN 13501-1 standards to achieve class A2-S1, D0 fire ratings.

BS EN ISO 1716

Specifies a method for the determination of the gross heat of combustion of products.

BS EN 13823

Wall assembly fire and smoke development testing.

EXAP report

Extended application report showing compliance of similar product lines.

Interior Design Solutions

by Longboard®

Longboard® provides  ceiling, wall, and privacy systems that contribute to improved indoor air quality and wellbeing. Improve comfort, save installation time, enhancing building efficiency, and create aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Our goal is to develop cutting-edge and sustainable indoor solutions that add value to buildings with their design and performance.

Contact our client support team to find out how our sustainable metal solutions can elevate your design to the next level.

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