Longboard’s exterior products are the result of years of thoughtful design, innovation, and relentless executional improvement. Our design philosophy revolves around developing quality products that effectively minimize carbon emissions and look stunning for years to come.

All our exterior systems undergo a rigorous process of applying an AAMA 2604/2605 certified powder coating. This ensures the inclusion of top-notch materials that exhibit remarkable durability against external elements, such as UV rays. 

From the initial stage of aluminum extrusion to the final touches of packaging and shipping, every Longboard product is meticulously crafted in-house.

Our aluminum products are subjected to various third-party testing for fire safety, thermal efficiency, wind load, product health, and environmental impact.

The combination of beauty and functionality that doesn’t compromise longevity or sustainability is what makes our products truly unique.

High Performance Aluminum Finishes

by Longboard®

All of our exterior products and systems are powder coated with AAMA 2604/2605 certified powder. This means that you are ensured to have high quality material that will hold up against the exterior elements, including corrosion and UV rays. All Longboard materials are created in-house, starting from the aluminum extrusion and ending with the finishing touches, packaging and shipping to site. Explore our different systems and contact us with any questions you have.



A single document for compliance of code approvals and testing certifications.

Flame spread

Products are tested to meet or exceed ASTM E2768-11 and achieve class 1 fire ratings.


Products are tested to meet or exceed CAN/ULC S114 / ASTM E136 non-combustibility standards.

EK/EU Fire rating

Products are tested to meet or exceed EN 13501-1 standards to achieve class A2-S1, D0 fire ratings.

BS EN ISO 1716

Specifies a method for the determination of the gross heat of combustion of products.

BS EN 13823

Wall assembly fire and smoke development testing.

EXAP report

Extended application report showing compliance of similar product lines.

What We Believe

Our goal is to maintain your design intent without compromising performance.

Every project requires unique products and thinking, and complex designs require custom products. In order to manage the design and development process effectively, we search for innovative, proven methods and our in-house team provides assistance with the design process and related products. The project development process is a proactive process from beginning to end. By doing so, we are able to achieve optimal efficiency and provide our clients with superior services and the right products.

Speak with a trusted advisor

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