Imagination is more valuable than knowledge - Albert Einstein​

Longboard strives to lead and enhance the future of architecture, by innovating and developing improved solutions through the products we design, develop and manufacture. We have a team of creative people leading the charge in our pursuit of relentless executional improvement and revolutionary product development. Imagination and creativity are amongst the most valuable skills in the 21st century and we pride ourselves as an organization that promote and pursue the practices of divergent thinking to cultivate innovative solutions. We understand the concept that ideas start out as fragile, barely formed thoughts but that they ultimately can become extremely powerful energy forces in life!

In 2020 Longboard established a Product Innovation department within the organization with three functional teams working closely together to design and develop new revolutionary products, provide technical support and continuously improve existing products and the sustainable manufacturing thereof. The innovation teams are made up of various creative experts ranging from engineers, architects, technologists, and building science specialists. These functions are closely aligned with the organization’s vision to develop, sustainably manufacture and support inspiring architectural products that will deliver unparalleled value to Architects, Owners and Contractors while also enhancing the built environment.

Longboard strives to solve the building, design and construction industry’s challenges through Revolutionary Product Development & Innovation.

Health and Safety

  • Products that are Safe to Use and Install
  • Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List Free
  • Improved Fire Safety
  • Non-combustible Building Materials

Sustainable Building Materials

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions & Contributing to a Sustainable Future
  • Low Embodied Carbon Building Materials                          – LCA & EPD
  • Reducing Operational Carbon – LEED, Passive House, BREEAM

Product Design

  • Design Simplicity Less Reliant on Skilled Installation Labour
  • Quality Manufactured, yet Cost Effective Systems
  • Low to no Maintenance Required
  • Durable Finishes for 40+ years

High Impact Design

  • Products & Finishes that enable and assist Architects and Designers to design Thoughtful Spaces using Healthy Materials
  • Promoting the WELL Building Standard requirements
  • Promoting Biophilic Design Principals

Longboard® is Innovative Sustainable Quality Visually Stunning

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