Longboard offers a range of Linear ceiling solutions to achieve multiple design aesthetics that can also perform multiple functional duties. Apart from the various Longboard finishes to choose from, major options include open or closed joint aesthetics, plank and beam designs, and direct mount or fully suspended ceiling solutions.

Linear ceilings provide a clean, continuous look for an entire ceiling or cloud installation. The key to finding the perfect solution, is finding an innovative partner who can assist in a creative and efficient manner. The solution lies with Longboard Architectural Products.

Interior Design Solutions

by Longboard®

Longboard® provides  ceiling, wall, and privacy systems that contribute to improved indoor air quality and wellbeing. Improve comfort, save installation time, enhancing building efficiency, and create aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Our goal is to develop cutting-edge and sustainable indoor solutions that add value to buildings with their design and performance.

Contact our client support team to find out how our sustainable metal solutions can elevate your design to the next level.

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