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Shipping is included at no additional charge for all orders over $7000 list price. For orders under $7000 list price there is a flat shipping charge depending on destination. Please contact us for more information.

Samples can be ordered from our website here. You are able to order all of the profiles that we have available as well as all of the woodgrain, solid color, and naturally aged metal finishes we are currently offering.

You can find a copy of the warranty at https://www.longboardproducts.com/warranty. You will need to download and complete the 15 year warranty, then you will send the completed form, as well as the materials invoice, to warranty@longboardproducts.com. There we will review the document and register the warranty for you.

Privacy Beams are one-piece tubes that come in sizes 1x3 or 1x5. They require components or brackets for installation.

Link & Lock™ is a two-piece batten that snaps together. It comes in the sizes 1 5/8" x 2", 1 5/8" x 4",  1 5/8" x 6",  1 5/8" x 8". You would fasten directly through one of the L-shapes then snap the other end on.

Both Privacy Beams and Link & Lock have end caps available.

Our “Sand Drift” and “Weathered Grey” finishes are for interior use only. Their grey tones are not UV stable and would turn magenta over time when exposed to UV. We are dedicated to making sure our client’s projects look as good on day 1 as they do many years later.

We work with a number of national dealers  and architectural representatives who supply and consult on our products locally in the USA and Canada. Please contact us to find your nearest option.

Manufacturing lead time for non special order items is 3-6 business days plus shipping time.

We currently don’t have a verified installer program, but you can reach out to your local Longboard representative who will be able to point you in the right direction.

We offer our standard products at 15 year finish warranty and many products have an option for a 20 year finish warranty. All products come with a 50 year warranty on metal.

Our tongue & groove and Link & Lock™ products come in standard 24′ and 12′ lengths.

Tongue & groove is sold by the box @ 96sqft and 12’ @ 48sqft.

Components and Link & Lock™ are sold by the piece.

Most trims are available in 12' lengths and limited trims are available in 24' lengths. Please consult our latest catalogue here.

End caps are sold separate in boxes of 20.

Yes, the Longboard cladding system meets the AAMA 509-9 Rainscreen certification.

We utilize a hidden clip system that provides for a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Yes! This process typically takes 10-12 weeks to complete. Please see our requirements for all custom woodgrain and solid color orders.

We do not accept rush orders. All orders are produced as quickly as possible.

Due to the custom nature of our product, we do not accept returns.

No, everything is made to order. We do, however, stock our touch-up pens and quick screen clips.

Yes, the install rules apply the same in either vertical or horizontal, using our quick screen clips at either 16″ or 32″ on center. You then have the option of starting on one end and working to the opposite end, or starting at the center and using our back-to-back starter strip and then installing outward.

In some cases, because our quick screen clips provide a narrow ventilation and drainage path, Longboard has been installed directly to the building substrate. However, we always recommend using ½” furring strips. Always contact your local building authority and consult with your building envelope engineer.

We offer touch up pens to fix those areas. Please contact us to order.

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