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A revolutionary system for rear ventilated facades

Our HITCH™ cladding attachment system is a patented modular building product for rain screen and exterior wall assemblies offering a thermally broken and intermittent structural solution. HITCH™ is unparalleled when it comes to structural capacity, flexibility, and thermal performance.

Building codes and high-performance energy standards like Passive House and Net-Zero are evolving to meet multiple objectives, including reducing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The most efficient methods of insulating a building’s exterior walls are those that incorporate the principals of continuous exterior insulation with no or minimal thermal bridging to limit thermal loss. HITCH™ can achieve effective R-values exceeding R60 for various types of wall assemblies while supporting heavy cladding loads in high wind load and seismic conditions. 

The HITCH™ system can accommodate continuous exterior insulation thicknesses between 1” and 16” and is therefore suitable for use in all Passive House and ASHRAE climate zones across North America.

  • Premium construction, durably designed for a service life of over 50yrs
  • High tensile aluminum, stainless & galvalume steel for improved structural performance
  • Built to be a modular, adaptable system, telescopically adjustable up to 1”
  • Supports vertical and horizontal girt designs, and one- or two-layer girt assemblies
  • High structural capacity for heavy cladding loads up to 15psf under high wind load and seismic conditions
  • Accommodates continuous exterior insulation between 1” – 16” thick for >R60 walls
  • Thermally broken attachment system with high thermal efficiency of more than 90%
  • Cost effective, quick to install, and designed to be used on various types of building structures including masonry, concrete, wood and steel stud
  • Independently certified by the Passive House Institute as an Advanced Component Façade Anchor for the Cool, Temperate Climate Zones

Ease of Install

Our thorough and detailed installation guides offer simple to follow steps to increase efficiency and reduce time on the job site.

The sample images below are illustrative of some of the steps outlined in our documentation.

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Hitch Website Render - Installation Instructions.119

Passive House

Passive House is a building standard developed by the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Germany which is recognized internationally as the optimal way to build healthy, climate-resilient, and energy-efficient. Passive House compliant buildings allow for space heating and cooling related energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional buildings and over 75% compared to average new builds. This is achieved by means of highly efficient building systems, careful planning, and use of Passive House certified building components. 

As an independent authority, the PHI tests and certifies components in respect of their suitability for use in Passive Houses which are normally two to three times more efficient than the corresponding commonly used products.

Products that carry the Certified Passive House Component seal have been tested according to uniform criteria; they are comparable in terms of their specific values,and are of excellent quality regarding energy efficiency. The PHI has further introduced efficiency classes for building components in order to help set highly energy efficient products apart at a glance. These classes include Certifiable Component (C), Basic Component (B), Advanced Component (A) and Very Advanced Component (A+).

Technical Specifications


  • LEED – Evaluates a building’s environmental performance
  • EPD – Life-cycle environmental impact of products 

Energy Performance

  • PASSIVE HOUSE INSTITUTE – Certified Component 

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