Karen Heppell


Mike Heppell


Paul Laursen

Vice President, Operations

PJ McKnight

Vice President, Finance/Chief Financial Officer

Stefan Jansen van Vuuren

Vice President, Product Innovation

Rona Fowler

Director, Quality Assurance, Safety and CI

Darren Martz

Director, Software Development

Matt Heeps​


Leanne Rouleau


Nan Li

Business Analyst

Jaimie Friesen

Accounting Specialist

Wheina Padilla

Accounting Analyst

Cody Klassen

People and Culture Manager

Amanda Loungsay

People & Culture Coordinator

Emma Wall

Community & Events Coordinator

Jake Howard

Installations Manager

Simon Louw

Extrusions Manager

Pat Murphy

Fabrication Manager

Michael Sempowich

System Administrator

Randy Koolen

IT Manager

Aaron Fraser

Product Development Manager

Adriaan Wagenaar

Manufacturing Technologist

Sajas Ahmed

Product Designer

Ragul Khumar

Product Designer

Eric Van Egdom

Powder Coating & Finishing Manager

Jason Haveruk

Senior Product Manager

Ryan Carey

Product Specialist

Tim Sargent

BIM Manager

Sherri Balint

Inside Sales Manager

Michelle Toews

Account Manager

Laranda Reynolds

Account Manager

Whitney Sinkewich

Account Manager

Taryn Sparrow

Client Care 

Melody Shears

Account Manager

Courtney Roersma

Client Care

Pat Whitehead

National Dealer, Senior Accounts Manager

Michael Carey

Regional Sales Manager, USA

Ashley Rothwell

Business Development Manager

Liza Browne

Business Development Manager

Jay Hoeppner

Business Development Manager

Will Berry

Business Development Manager

Chris Heider

Business Development Manager

Adam Byrne

Maintenance Manager

Leanne Hough

Process Specialist

Monique Lapre

Production Office Coordinator

Selma Marinangelo

Design Services Manager

Mabel Concepcion

Lead CAD Technician

Maryna Getalo

CAD Technician

Jeff Mundia

CAD Technician

Mohit Sharma

Design Service Technician

Chona Canlas

Marketing Coordinator

Angela Mortimer

Web & Graphic Designer 

Chris Coppin

QA Specialist

Sevda Yurdaer

Chemical Supervisor

Tam Le

Chemical Analyst

Dex Perez

Warehouse Supervisor

Devon Krahn

Davnish Singh

Software Engineer

Vadim Korotkov

Software Engineer

Marta Aparício

Software Engineer

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