Aluminum Siding

Aluminum holds considerable value within the construction industry due to its durability, design adaptability, and environmental advantages. Renowned for its lightweight yet robust nature, aluminum serves as a favored material for siding, providing not only protection but also aesthetic allure.

Versatile in application, aluminum siding accommodates various architectural styles and finishes, enriching the overall design of buildings. Its recyclable nature aligns with sustainability goals, offering an eco-friendly solution for both residential and commercial constructions. In essence, aluminum siding embodies a harmonious blend of strength, visual appeal, and environmental consciousness, presenting a durable, attractive, and eco-friendly solution for both residential and commercial constructions.

For more than two decades, Longboard has been at the forefront of the aluminum cladding industry, serving architectural projects across North America. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to craft extruded aluminum products renowned for their unparalleled durability, quality, and adaptability.

Our newest innovative products seamlessly blend timeless design with the contemporary advantages of aluminum. Lap Siding and Board & Batten were developed for the community out of a demand for residential aluminum solutions engineered to endure the rigors of time.

Siding Profiles

Lap Siding

Lap Siding exudes timeless charm with its classic horizontal lines, offering durability, versatility, and a sense of traditional elegance.

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Board & Batten

Board & Batten offers enduring elegance, blending vertical panels and narrow strips to create a classic, sophisticated exterior aesthetic.

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a graphic with four square swatches of flat matte finishes for lap siding displayed side-by-side against a pure black background (color code #000000). The colors, from left to right, are: Old Navy (deep blue), Shale (gray), Onyx Black (rich black), and Bone White (clean white).

Color Options

AAMA 2604 Certified

What's the Difference Between Siding and Cladding?

Cladding and siding, though both applied to the exterior of buildings to protect and enhance them, have distinct characteristics and serve different purposes.

Exterior cladding is an external layer that is not attached directly to the wall but is instead fixed via a substructure (e.g. furring strips, girts or other cladding attachment systems), creating a ventilated space between the cladding and the wall. This space allows for moisture to drain and prevents water buildup, protecting against rot and mold. Cladding offers more design flexibility, being available in various colors, textures, and orientations (horizontal or vertical), and can be made from a range of building materials like timber, metal, plastic, and masonry.

Siding, on the other hand, is attached directly to the building’s exterior walls and is typically made from materials such as wood, vinyl, metal or fiber cement. It’s the more traditional choice for creating an appealing exterior and comes in various styles and colors. Panels or shingles go up individually and are easily removed when replacement is needed.

In summary, the choice between cladding and siding will depend on your specific needs, building regulations and whether you prioritize protection from the elements or a traditional installation method. Each has its advantages and is suitable for different types of buildings and climates.

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Advantages of Aluminum Siding​


One of the primary benefits of aluminum siding is durability. This longevity is partly due to aluminum's resistance to various forms of damage, including moisture, rot or molding, and denting. Our extruded aluminum products include a 50 year limited warranty.​​

Low Maintenance

Aluminum siding is easier to maintain than wood, which requires frequent painting and staining. Or vinyl, which often needs repairs to prevent mold growth. Our aluminum products need only minimal maintenance, as detailed in our Care & Maintenance Guide.


Aluminum's recyclability provides homeowners with an eco-friendly building option. When you replace aluminum siding, the old siding material can be sent to a scrap yard, reducing landfill waste and promoting a circular economy.​

Ease of Installation

Compared to other siding materials, aluminum is lightweight and straightforward to install. This ease of installation can lead to reduced labor costs and a quicker installation process, making it a cost-effective siding choice for many homeowners.​


Aluminum is non-combustible, making it a safer option for residential structures. Unlike wood or vinyl siding, aluminum does not ignite or contribute to fire spread, offering an added layer of security for your home or building.​


Aluminum siding provides versatile design options, allowing for customization with four unique Longboard® finishes or a variety of international RAL custom colors. Whether you prefer a modern appearance or a classic façade, aluminum siding can be customized to suit your style.

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