Our hiring process is an important part of our culture, after all, Transparency and People Come First are two of our values here at Longboard. Our People & Culture team strives to create a positive and transparent approach to hiring for everyone, regardless of the outcome. Looking for a new career can be overwhelming, we’ve all been there! We hope that by sharing our process and some tips & tricks along the way can help to alleviate some of your nerves and put your best foot forward.

Is Longboard the right fit for you?

If you haven’t by now, please read through our company values. 

Do they resonate with you? If so, great!

Your next mission is to peruse our social media and learn more about our culture here at Longboard. Are we a team you can envision yourself working with? As much as we look to hire highly skilled employees, more importantly, we are looking for the perfect culture fit to add to our team. At Longboard we lead with kindness and are supportive, dedicated and hard-working. If this sounds like you, we may be a great fit for each other!

Your Application

Your application is our first introduction to you. Take the time to refresh your resume and answer our application questions to the best of your ability to make for a standout first impression.


As tempting as it is to use your pre-made resume on your application we encourage you to build a job-specific resume based on the role you are applying for. Align your skills and experience with what we’re looking for in the job description.

Application Questions

You will also be asked a series of questions that are included with your application. Each role will have a different set of questions, specific to that job and team. We use these as a way to get to know you better, and encourage you to spend time answering and reviewing your responses before hitting “Submit”.

After Applying

Once you submit your application, someone within our People & Culture team will review it within 5 business days. Our team will only reach out to select candidates they decide to move forward with. We may find that you are a good fit for a different role and reach out to you about that instead. 

If you don’t end up hearing back from us don’t let that stop you from applying to other opportunities in the future.

Our Hiring Process

The process may slightly differ depending on what role you are applying for. You may be sent an online assessment, or go through a round of interviews; someone from our team will keep you informed every step of the way.

Your resume and application questions will be reviewed by someone from the People & Culture team. If your skills match up and we believe you may be a culture fit, we will contact you via email and invite you for a phone interview. Don’t forget to check your spam folder!

As mentioned, the number of interviews varies per position. In most cases, you will have one phone interview between 15-30 minutes and one or two in-person interviews that are 60 minutes in length.

Typically interviews are scheduled Monday – Friday between 8:00 am – 3:30 pm PST. If this timeframe is not ideal for you, we will try our best to accommodate your schedule.

Often times candidates like to use this time as an opportunity to dive deep into their qualifications and skills. Please don’t– we invited you for an interview which means we are impressed with your application and consider you a potential match for the role. Instead, we like to use this time as an opportunity to fill in any gaps in your application. More importantly, we want to explore what makes you unique and determine if you are a cultural fit for the team.

This will be our first in-person impression of you, with that being said, interviews are a two-way street. The interview is intended to allow us to get to know each other, both in terms of your professional skills and personal traits. We encourage you to use this time with us to learn more about our culture, and team, and ask any questions you may have about the role. Our dress code is business casual, and there is plenty of parking in front of the office. Stay calm, breathe and relax, we don’t bite! Remember, we’re just as excited to meet you, as hopefully, you are to meet us!

We ask that candidates bring in their references during their first in-person interview. Please inform your references that they may be receiving a call from us.

Job Offer

After the interviews and reference checks are complete our team will get together to make a final decision.

If we decide to move forward with you as a candidate we will call you and present you with a verbal offer. If you decide you’d like to accept we will send you an official Offer Letter and Employee Handbook via email. Once you have reviewed our offer please sign to confirm your acceptance of employment.

Onboarding varies for each role. Prior to your start date, you will receive more information via email. On your first day, you will attend a General Orientation session with other new hires starting on the same day as you.

This session is held by the People & Culture Coordinator, where we will go over a variety of topics, some of which include: Safety Procedures, Volunteer Opportunities, High Five Friday, and more!

We can’t wait to see you again, this time as part of the team!

Hours of Operation

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm PT.

Production hours vary based on the location and department you are a part of.

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