The Longboard Difference

Our Formula

Inspiring Architecture    =    Thoughtful Design   +   Premium Products   +   Quality Workmanship

Our Difference

By embracing our 3 Core Pillars – Innovation, Sustainability, and Quality – and the differentiators that set us apart, we are making socially and environmentally responsible decisions, helping the design and construction community to Change the Face of Architecture™ without compromise, one passionate step at a time.

Premium Products

Only premium products maintain their intended effect in the built environment.
With highly skilled and experienced people, modern equipment, and
exceptional process control, Longboard® designs and manufactures
building products to the highest standards which stand the test of time.

Longboard® is Innovative Sustainable Quality Visually Stunning

When Inspiring Architecture is the End Goal

15 to 20-Year Finish Warranty

The Pinnacle Warranty covers all costs associated with repair, including removal and re-installation should there ever be a product defect or failure up to 2.5 times the original end-user material cost.

  • Covers all standard manufactured products
  • Protects material from checking, cracking, chalking, color and gloss fade, and adhesion for the first 15 to 20 years.
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Unmatched Durability
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Peace of Mind

Speak to a Trusted Advisor

To discuss your Project Goals and Needs. 

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