At Longboard, we believe our team – inspired by vision and fueled by passion – will achieve the extraordinary.  

Built on the belief that a great workplace can be a fantastic development ground for learning the disciplines which lead to living a great life,  Longboard is committed to putting our people first and working together to achieve audacious goals.

Values Driven

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do at Longboard. From an emphasis on sustainable product design and manufacturing processes to creating an inclusive and safe workplace – joining the Longboard team means committing to upholding these core values.

Together we accomplish more than the sum of our individual efforts.

Safety – We foster a culture that is physically and emotionally safe.
Respect – We choose to believe in and look for the best in our peers and ourselves.
Kindness – Kindness helps us feel confident, optimistic and happy while driving positive change in everything we do.
Teamwork – Together we accomplish more than the sum of our individual efforts.

We seek first to understand and then to be understood. Together we pursue new possibilities for a better tomorrow!

We pursue continuous improvement for our people, products, processes, and systems. We must be learners and recognize change is constant while making data-based decisions to promote ongoing growth and success.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of others by living with open-handed generosity for our community and the world. We use our finances, time, and talents to enhance human flourishing.

The discipline of ensuring EVERYTHING
unnecessary is eliminated while ALL that is required has been included.

We demonstrate our commitment to sustainable, ethical, and environmental practices by taking action to reduce waste, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption in our manufacturing operations and products, contributing toward a lowered embodied carbon footprint.

We also engage in programs such as the Energy Step Code, LEED® and Passive House to promote the construction of energy-efficient buildings.

We ensure the interests of our clients are aligned with the interests of the whole team while considering the company’s ongoing health.

Upholding transparency as a value allows us to build genuine and enduring relationships, promote clear communication, improve productivity, and, most importantly, establish trust. With these tenets in place, we can encourage growth and success for our employees and clients.

We strive for Greatness Creativity Distinction Efficiency Excellence Innovation

A sense of Community

By joining Longboard, you are joining a supportive community of team members who are striving to change the face of architecture. We lead with kindness and believe that hard work can also be fun!

Through our many team-building events – Lunch and Learns, BBQs, Parties and Charitable Events – you can meet people from across the organization, build new bonds, and learn and grow together.

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Great Employee Benefits

When people feel supported in life, they can focus on achieving the extraordinary at work. This is why we offer all team members a generous benefits package.

When you work at Longboard you receive:


We strive to not only be a good company; but also, to be good to the community and society we live in. Therefore, we provide all employees with up to two days of paid time to volunteer for important causes Longboard supports within the community.


At Longboard, we believe in providing a work-life balance for all our employees to provide them with opportunities to spend time doing what they love.
Achieving work/life balance involves balancing priorities and we encourage it.

We strive for Greatness

Built on the belief that a great workplace can be a fantastic development ground for learning the disciplines which lead to living a great life, Longboard is committed to putting our people first and supporting their personal and professional development.

Safety by Choice,
Not by chance

We value the health and safety of all our team members and make it our top priority to ensure that our workplace is both physically and emotionally safe. Our Health and Safety Committee meets regularly to share feedback and discuss ways to improve work conditions for our team.


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