At Longboard, we are bent towards action, pursuing innovation, hold core values around continuous improvement and sustainable construction, all of these make prefab and modular construction a natural fit for Longboard. We believe that prefab and modular construction will play an increasingly important role in the future of sustainable construction. Longboard has experience in this field and is actively involved in projects and thought leadership programs to advance prefabrication practices across North America. 

Maximizing prefabrication opportunities requires early collaboration and teamwork. Some forms of contracts such as IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) are examples of contractual relationships that can help achieve success on large complex construction projects. Since prefabricated elements remain difficult to modify once they leave the factory, it is essential to plan out every step at the outset. Construction professionals are shifting their focus to early adoption by clients and designers, supply chain optimization and applying BIM (Building Information Modelling) across every phase in building design and construction. 

Contact us if you are interested in exploring prefab and modular fabrications
as well as kitting and componentization opportunities

This service is only available for projects that will use > 10,000 ft² product .

Complimentary 1hr Technical Design Review for Qualifying Projects

If it is determined that the project is a fit following the initial Technical Design Review, Longboard will provide a conceptual design proposal including concept development and or mock-up fee

If the proposal is accepted, a Design Assist contract will be signed and client to pay the appropriate fees

Longboard completes and delivers design assist services and or mock-up assembly

As a product manufacturer, we understand the challenges faced in the factory and we appreciate the effort it will take to achieve industrialized construction, this makes us a valuable partner on any prefab and modular project. We are well versed in the concepts of DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) and how important it is to keep the manufacturing processes and assembly aspects in mind during the design phases. We also understand that not all projects are necessarily suitable for factory prefab and modular construction methods. Other alternatives are however available such as componentization and kitting to reduce waste, drive efficiencies and labor productivity in the factory or on site.  

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