Premium Aluminum products

Longboard® Architectural Products provides the design and construction community with inspiring architectural products for thoughtful spaces.

Longboard’s goal is to drive product innovation and excellence, provide radical client care and industry-best lead times, and advance sustainability in construction by creating products that reduce carbon emissions over their life cycle. Longboard is ICC ESR-4183 and ESR-4184 certified, manufactures in North America, and is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada.

Longboard® is Innovative Sustainable Quality Visually Stunning

In order to keep up with market demand Longboard undertook a massive expansion project phased over a 5 year period between 2017 to 2021. During this expansion phase a state of the art 350,000 sqrft manufacturing facility was constructed in Abbotsford BC and the business vertically integrated into aluminum extrusion. Industry best-in-class manufacturing equipment was procured out of Europe including a complete aluminum extrusion line, a vertical powder coating line, sublimation finishing equipment, automated warehousing equipment, automated guided vehicle (AGV) material handling equipment, packaging equipment and a range of CNC metal fabrication equipment. The combination of highly skilled and experienced people, modern equipment, and exceptional process control, enables Longboard products to be manufactured to the highest standards available today in the world. Now with a new name, Longboard Architectural Products continues to lead the way as a premium building product manufacturer in North America.

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