Longboard started out with a focus on rear ventilated plank cladding solutions. We received an increased number of requests from our client base to expand our product offerings to also include large format panel systems. 

As a result, our Product Innovation team developed the Panelboard™ cladding system and it was released to the market in 2021. The Panelboard™ system in many respects is identical to the Longboard tongue and groove plank cladding system and use many of the same mounting accessories and component trims. Panelboard™ systems use a combination of uniquely designed cladding planks and component trims to create the impression of a solid large format panel. 

The fact that individual planks and components are used gives the designer and installer a lot more flexibility compared to other large format panel systems.

Interior Design Solutions

by Longboard®

Longboard® provides  ceiling, wall, and privacy systems that contribute to improved indoor air quality and wellbeing. Improve comfort, save installation time, enhancing building efficiency, and create aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Our goal is to develop cutting-edge and sustainable indoor solutions that add value to buildings with their design and performance.

Contact our client support team to find out how our sustainable metal solutions can elevate your design to the next level.

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