New Speckle Finishes Collection

Longboard has added 8 new speckle finishes to their lineup!

New Finishes

This new collection of speckle finishes offers a captivating aesthetic that combines the beauty of texture and color variation. These finishes incorporate subtle or prominent speckles of contrasting shades, creating a sense of depth and texture. They could be used in lieu of concrete, terracotta, brick, and stone.

Finishes that mimic the appearance of natural stone have gained popularity for their ability to evoke the elegance and timelessness of geological formations. Whether one seeks the contemporary charm of speckled finishes or the classic allure of stone-inspired textures, both options contribute to a dynamic and visually engaging architectural landscape.

So, why would you choose aluminum cladding that resembles stone over authentic stone?

Aluminum presents a markedly more cost-effective alternative to stone, and its inherent characteristics of being lightweight and malleable allow for the realization of virtually any desired form. It has a shorter lead-time because products are often already extruded and ready-to-go. Furthermore, it’s easier to replace in the event of damage and replacement with the same tone and color is guaranteed.

What aura and feel are you going for with your architectural design?

Many people appreciate the organic and natural quality of stone. Incorporating stone finishes into architectural design can create a connection between the built environment and the natural world, promoting a sense of harmony and tranquility. Stone can also symbolize strength, stability, and permanence. Architects and designers may choose to incorporate stone finishes to convey these qualities in their projects, especially for buildings with symbolic significance like government buildings, museums, or religious structures.

Stone is often associated with a sense of refined beauty and luxury. Its natural textures and colors can add an element of sophistication to a space, creating an elegant and upscale atmosphere. It has been used in architecture for centuries, and its presence can evoke a feeling of timelessness. It connects the present with the past, creating a sense of continuity and history.

With the introduction of our new speckle finishes we strive to help you create an alluring aesthetic that masterfully merges the enchantment of texture and color variation. Through the incorporation of delicate or pronounced speckles in contrasting shades, these finishes craft a nuanced sense of depth and texture, breathing life into architectural spaces.

We hope that this new finish collection can be a catalyst for architects, builders, and designers to seamlessly transform their visions into breathtaking realities. We aspire to elevate the art of construction, enabling the creation of buildings that redefine beauty, functionality, and sustainability. 

With each installation, we hope to contribute to a world adorned with awe-inspiring architecture, we want to help you Change the Face of Architecture™.

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