4″ Castellation

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Our 4″ Castellation Planks are part of our tongue and groove systems and feature alternating projections and recessions, creating a uniform pattern of raised and lowered sections.

Exclusively for vertical applications.

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Castellation planks are incredibly versatile and can be used in various design contexts, from interior wall & partition designs to exterior cladding.

In the interior space, proper lighting can accentuate the aesthetic of the castellation planks by highlighting their texture and creating captivating interplays with light and shadow.

For designers looking to create a truly unique façade aesthetic, the new castellation planks offer limitless possibilities when integrated with our Link & Lock architectural batten product.


Please note that we do not keep stock of all available colors and some finishes may require additional lead time.


Shale (Formerly Graphite / C Charcoal)


6", 2'

4″ Castellation
USD $5.00USD $18.00Select options
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