6″ Triple bevel

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Defined by their angled edges, 6″ Triple Bevel planks create captivating shadow patterns, introducing depth and visual interest to a building’s exterior.

Three distinct edges on this profile, perfect for contemporary architectural designs in a variety of applications.

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Bevel cladding can evoke a sense of tradition and warmth in cottage retreats, while also offering durability against coastal conditions. It can also be used in creative spaces as an accent feature, wall paneling, or ceiling structure, enabling architects to add texture and visual intrigue to both interior and exterior designs. Its timeless appeal and ability to harmonize with different materials makes it a versatile option for architects seeking to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of their projects.

To simplify the construction process even further and minimize the need for specialized parts, this system installs just as quickly and easily as our pre-existing systems. It uses our Quick-Screen Clips, enabling quick and secure attachment at 32” on-center spacing.

Please note that we do not keep stock of all available colors and some finishes may require additional lead time.


Shale (Formerly Graphite / C Charcoal)


6", 2'

6″ Triple bevel
USD $5.00USD $18.00Select options
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