Shodair Children’s Hospital

The unveiling of the new Shodair Children’s Hospital brought a lot of joy and hope to residents of Montana. Not only through its state-of-the-art facilities, but also in its thoughtful design and use of premium building materials. Through the integration of vibrant colors, innovative architecture, and healthy materials, communities are building memorable structures for children’s health and healing.

Children’s hospitals are unique spaces where healing and comfort are paramount. The use of color in healthcare environments is more than just an aesthetic, it has profound psychological and physiological impacts. Colors can influence mood, behavior, and even physical healing. On the exterior of the hospital, vibrant hues are strategically used to create a cheerful and calming atmosphere. Bright colors like blue, green, and yellow are known to have various effects. Blue can soothe and reduce anxiety, green is associated with tranquility and balance, and yellow is stimulating and uplifting. These colors are not just randomly chosen but are carefully curated and aimed at reducing stress and making the hospital environment less intimidating for children.

Project Details

Product: 6″ V-Groove Planks

Finishes: Light Cherry, Slate Grey, Venus, Medium Blue, and Custom Blue

Use: Cladding

Architect: SMA Architecture + Design

Installer: Dick Anderson Construction

Market: Healthcare

Year: 2023

Designing architecture for children’s hospitals requires a unique blend of compassion, functionality, and a keen understanding of a child’s perspective. Designers need to create an environment that is not only medically efficient but provides emotional support. The inclusion of child-friendly themes and motifs can help make the hospital experience less intimidating and more relatable for small patients. Vibrant colors, whimsical shapes, and playful patterns can create an immediate sense of wonder, joy, and excitement. Additionally, integrating educational elements like murals, interactive displays, or nature-inspired designs can stimulate curiosity, provide a distraction, and create learning opportunities.

One standout feature of this new facility is the use of aluminum cladding provided by Longboard! Aluminum is not only a modern choice for architectural aesthetics but also a material that aligns with a commitment to safety. Aluminum cladding is lightweight yet durable, making it an ideal material for constructing buildings that need to be both robust and visually appealing. Its reflective properties help in regulating the building’s temperature, which enhances energy efficiency. Aluminum is also highly recyclable, underscoring the hospital’s dedication to sustainable building practices. The choice of material ensures that the hospital remains environmentally responsible while maintaining high standards of safety and performance.

In a healthcare setting, air quality and the presence of harmful substances can significantly impact patient health. By choosing low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, non-toxic adhesives, and eco-friendly finishes, the hospital ensures that the environment is as safe and healthy as possible. Architect firm SMA Architecture + Design used Longboard’s 6” V-Groove in Light Cherry, Slate Grey, Medium Blue, and a custom blue called Lakeshore. All Longboard Products are 100% recyclable, VOC and LBC Red List free, made using a chrome-free pre-treatment, and manufactured using hydroelectric power. In the realm of architectural finishes, the importance of achieving the perfect color match cannot be overstated. Whether it’s maintaining a consistent aesthetic across a new construction project or matching the color of an existing structure. Our color matching process solves a myriad of design challenges.

Their focus on healthy materials not only protects children from potential health hazards but also contributes to a more sustainable future. It reflects a broader trend in healthcare architecture that supports both physical health and environmental sustainability. Longboard is committed to helping the building design and construction industry become more sustainable. To achieve this, we contribute and participate in programs such as the Energy Step Code, LEED®, and Passive House, to help create energy-efficient, low-carbon, and sustainable buildings.

The new Shodair Children’s Hospital exemplifies how thoughtful design, and the use of appropriate materials can create a healing environment for young patients. Prioritize colors that enhance mood, architecture that fosters comfort, and materials that ensure safety and sustainability.

Project Photos

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